LivaRava on the way to Lisbon Challenge

Artem Kariavka
Jul 28, 2015

I will tell you the story about LivaRava's way to Lisbon Challenge and the result of it. It was not too dramatic, but it was quite emotional. So there are my story...

One is working, heap is watching. Cheers!

I was so excited at 23 of July, 2015 after talking with Edite Cruz and Bashara Hinnawi from Lisbon Challenge. I have made great pitch. Edite was really polite and even cute during conversation. Bashara was not so cute, I felt some tension during our conversation. In overall it was nice talking.

There are some words about my feelings after talking:

War. Financial and political crisis. Debts. Unemployment. Capital is not hurry to go to our country — Ukraine. But! We are moving forward! We are on the way to Lisbon Challenge! And we will prove, that you can fight for your future and future of your family not only with the gun in your hands but with intelligence and wisdom in your mind. The World is much interesting than you think about it. Share the knowledge, learn something new and move forward to the unknown spaces.
LivaRava team has passed two phases of challenge and at 27 of July, 2015 we have received the last email from Lisbon Challenge from Mariana Santos:

Hi Artem,

Hope you’re doing well. Thank you once again for applying to Lisbon Challenge Fall’15 edition.

We have now completed the second phase of the selection process. The applications we received were excellent and it was quite challenging to select the participants from such a strong group of startups. Unfortunately, at this time, we are not in a position to offer your startup LivaRava a place in the Lisbon Challenge Fall‘15 edition.

It is our goal to support startups and help them thrive in Portugal and abroad. The fact that you made it to Skype interviews means we see potential in your project. If you're interested in receiving specific feedback about why you were not selected, please contact me and I'll make sure that you get all of your questions answered. (Please note that we might not be able to give you feedback right away.)

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Lisbon Challenge Team
I was very disappointed at that moment. I have realized, that LivaRava project is not trivial and it is really complicated for most of the people. I have worked on it since 2008 when idea was born. I had several disappointing moments in the past: when Google has launched Google Plus with circles and later Google Knowledge Graph and when Facebook has launched Facebook Pages.

But now I'm strong as never before! Now I have so amazing team! We have hard times now. But, we know what we are doing and where to go. And Google and Facebook is not an obstacle for us. Google and Facebook are the proof, that we are going in the right direction. And now I'm sure that we will reach our goal sooner or later, but we will do it. And any challenge from Lisbon or Ukraine (Vernadsky Challenge) can not stop us too.

Do not putt all the eggs to one basket. Fiasco!

It's nice to hear that they see potential in our project. And I hope we will receive the final email with detailed overview of LivaRava project from Lisbon Challenge team, and they will give the answers for all our questions. It will be the proof that they are really care about startups' applications and not only wasting our time.
Keep going! And wyo for success!

With respect and love,
Artem Kariavka
CEO and Founder at LivaRava