5 adjustments for more enjoyable user experience

Artem Kariavka
Mar 27, 2015

As you know, LivaRava development team has recently made some updates to make user experience more enjoyable. But we are not ready to rest!

Today we would like to tell about 5 adjustments, which will touch your feeling for sure.

So, there we go:

First, we have optimized style of posts and fixed code errors.

And now LivaRava became even better and more stable then before.

Second, now you can chat with LivaRava development team in more preferable way: in English, Ukrainian or Russian.

Note, that you will receive news only in one language – just switch interface to preferred language (flag button at the top right corner).

Third, neuroning became not only easier and prompter, but more functional.

You can easily add all needed information (link, text, audio, video links, upload image) in one single popup window (read more about this feature).

Moreover, LivaRava immediately synchronizes all data during inputting information to make creation of neurons prompter.

Fourth, LivaRava socializes – now you can easily share your page to all most popular social networks or share link with your friends!

Fifth, LivaRava personalizes – funny profile images look good, but it is glossier to enjoy avatar of people who created neurons or axons, right?

We thought so too. Now everybody can change profile image by uploading new image!

Everything is so simple:

  • Switch to your profile – image;
  • Choose “change profile image” option;
  • Upload your image;
  • That’s it!

Everyday we are working smart and hard to make your user experience more comfortable, so please send us feedback and suggestions at: support@livarava.com

We will implement the most useful advices!

Stay tuned!

Always by your side, LivaRava team

By the way!

We are waiting for you at our exhibition stand at Collision Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on May 5, 2015. It will be a great pleasure for us to have a small chat with you in person. We will be glad to share our ideas, hear your feedback and help you with organizing neurons to smooth your experience with the service.

See you soon!

However, if you cannot join us at conference, it is not a big deal - we will tell you about interactive session at:

See you later!

LivaRava is still open to new users - as before you can sign up for free to explore all opportunities of the knowledge management system!

While signign up, you will get:
$10 at your account +3 subscriptions +3GB for neurons!

To sign up just send us email at: support@livarava.com

We are sure you and your friends will enjoy LivaRava and it will change your experience of managing information!

Together we will make a big step forward in working with information and using knowledge.